Are you looking for a cheap photo - video production company in Austria ?  Than look no further,  just give us a call on 00421 903 14 63 15 

We are woking all over the Europe and the UK.I must admit I am not really keen on translating the whole web and don't want to put you off by getting through all of it, so I pick only the most relevant stuff regarding the wedding photo and videography.

My name is Daniel Petráško, I am based in the Slovak republic - from 1999 I have been running a photo video studio mostly focused on weddings.  5-7 years ago I have noticed a rising tendency in multi-national weddings or various foreign people demanding this type of service, so I started to work on European base.

Just to mention weddings in
Vienna or Germany,  Finnish and French weddings in Slovakia, Swiss and Chines weddings, car event in Brands Hatch or B'day parties in the UK. Obviously all these events had their roots somehow connected to Slovakia or Austria so I was able to get involved in these jobs. Samples of my work are all over the web just look for what  interests you.  Thanks for visiting my web.  Dan.